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2019 Minnesota Awards
Tiffany Xiong (local awards committee co-chair), Nalee Xiong (recipient of the Ryozo Glenn Kumekawa Scholarship), Yoshiko Kumekawa, and Ken Kumekawa

Development Committee

The Development Committee (1) identifies and solicits private and corporate support for the
activities of the NSRC Fund; (2) develops appropriate literature for fund raising; and (3) maintains a computerized database of all donors, donations, and scholarship recipients.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees the annual scholarship process. This includes the solicitation and formation of a local scholarship awards committee that is responsible for 1) publicizing and soliciting applications for scholarships, 2) selecting the recipients, and 3) organizing an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the process. The Awards Committee, or its designee, maintains communication with the local committee from start to finish.

Web Committee

The website committee is responsible for keeping the NSRCF’s website up-to-date, accessible, and easy to navigate.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee works to establish and implement the NSRCF's Investment Policy. Charged with managing the Fund's endowment, the committee monitors investment performance, identifies and recommends investment managers and strategies, and advises the Board of Directors.  

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee works at the behest of the board to help with the screening and selection of possible members of the board of directors, meeting with candidates and, when appropriate, offering its recommendations.

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