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Legacy Funds

Legacy Funds honor an individual, group, or event. A $10,000 contribution will establish a Legacy Fund and support an annual General Scholarship. You can add a contribution of any amount to an existing Legacy Fund to help build it to a Named Scholarship level.

Legacy Funds

as of April 2020

Thomas R. Bodine*

Woody and Betty Emlen*

Joseph R. Goodman

Ryozo G. Kumekawa

Suezo and Kikuyo Hayashida

Michihiko and Bernice Hayashida

Julius Ishida

Calvin Ishida

Dr. Chosaburo Kato

Kane and  Rose Senda

Fred Kishi

Susan M. Kishi

Harutoyo and Haru Kobayashi

Yutaka and Maureen Kobayashi

Livingston Yamato Colony Pioneers

Lafayette and Mayme Noda

Eleanor and Emil Sekerak

Michihiko and Bernice Hayashida

Hikokuma and Koyoshi Shigeno Memorial

Ted. K. Shigeno, Aagnes Miyakawa, Rosie Tani and Florence Kawagoe

Bobby and Lily Takatsuka

Bobby and Lily Takatsuka

Trudy King Toll*

Warren Uchimoto

* The NSRCF Board of Directors established these and the following funds with the hope that what happened during World War II will never be forgotten, and that future generations will have the opportunity to receive a higher education

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